Friday, March 15, 2019


Welcome once again to Saturday Spanks!  The scene I'm sharing today is from my new release His To Protect, and the following exchange is between Anthony and Jennie. I hope you all enjoy this little teaser from my first dark mafia romance book!

Peering inside the door of her bedroom, Anthony watched as Jennie reached under her short white nightgown to remove her panties, just as he’d ordered.

“Good girl.” Moving her onto the bed, he grabbed her by the ankles, bent her knees, and raised her hips, causing the soft flannel fabric to shift upward. As he applied a swift and deliberate smack to her bare ass, her eyes flew open.
“Jesus. That hurt!”

He spanked her harder and then faster, his palm falling onto her right and left cheeks in quick, rhythmic movements. “I need this bottom bright red before I fuck your tender pussy good and hard,” he grated through a one-sided grin. “So, how do you want me to take you? Do you want it rough, piccolina? Because that’s how you’re going to get it for brazenly waving this sexy ass at me for the last two weeks.”

Her breathing was sharp and uneven in between loud shrieks as he continued to land his hand upon every inch of her firm round globes.

“Tell me, Jennie,” he rasped. “Tell me this is what you want… what you’ve wanted since we met.”

She was supposed to be off-limits. He took her anyway.

Most men wouldn’t even dare to look at the stepdaughter of a powerful mob boss, but if Anthony DiPasquale followed the rules he wouldn’t be in Italy on the run from the feds in the first place. When his interest in Jennie Salerno puts the beautiful nineteen-year-old in danger, however, he quickly decides she will be coming with him for her own protection, whether she likes it or not.

Jennie soon learns the hard way that Anthony will not hesitate to carry out his threat to spank her if she disobeys, but when he claims her virgin body roughly while her backside is still sore the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. Even after she puts herself at risk again and her bottom is punished inside and out, her arousal is as intense as it is undeniable.

Over the coming days Jennie discovers what it means to be thoroughly mastered by a man who never tires of making her blush crimson and beg shamefully for each quivering climax, but when the heat on Anthony dies down and he returns to America, will he bring her home with him?

Publisher’s Note: His to Protect includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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