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Many of my books had been advertised as sweet and spicy. The content is exactly what you'd expect from a story in the spanking romance genre.

But this one is different.  This book is not for everyone.

My intention was to mix a cup of suspenseful mafia crime fiction into a vat of police daddy heat.  In case you didn't know, crime fiction and daddy doms are two of my favorite ingredients to use when cooking up a story. But this time, I sprinkled in some hot paranormal action for additional flavor ... and then baked the hell out of it for six months.

Here's the result:

Brendan Norris appears to be an old-fashioned lieutenant on the outside, but on the inside he's a wolf brimming with animal desires. And though he is a strict rule follower, the FBI agent that his superiors decide he should team up  with ... is not.  Naturally, he and the attractive young woman clash immediately. And then the sparks fly.

Just in case you're in the mood for another snippet:

Inhaling his masculine scent that still lingered on the T-shirt before stretching the neck of it over her head, Mia decided she’d never smelled anything so stimulating before. “Do you really that kind of talk is going to relax me?”

His head inclined toward hers as he made himself comfortable in the chair. “How about a bedtime story instead? Little Red Riding Hood, perhaps?”

“You’re a regular riot,” she said through an exhaustive chuckle, propping her back against the pillow. “Is it possible for you to give it a happy-after-after ending, or will the girl get eaten by the wolf in this version?”

“If she gets eaten, wouldn’t that be a happy ending to the story? Think about it for a minute.”

She blinked several times, trying to digest what he said, but when she watched the corners of his mouth curl, she realized how dirty his answer was and released a rapid eye roll.

“Well, do you want to hear the story, or not?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He cleared his throat. “Okay then. Once upon a time there was a naughty FBI agent who always got herself into trouble…”

Her sigh was audible and exasperated. “Her name was Mia Gates and she was sent from FBI headquarters to help the police drag secrets from a mafia boss.”

“Oh, so you’ve already heard this story,” he said, crossing his long arms. “Did you also know that our heroine had a history of unconventional methods, and after her first day on the case, the lieutenant tried to rehabilitate her so she wouldn’t go off script again?”

She wrinkled her nose. “He took her over his knee and spanked her ass until it was a bright shade of pink. But in my humble opinion, that doesn’t qualify as rehab.”

“It was a well-deserved paddling, but unfortunately, it didn’t teach her a lesson…”

Mia shifted her face toward the ceiling. “Little Red Riding Hood was a fairy tale, unlike this true-crime story you’re referring to.”

“Haven’t you been told not to look away from me when I speak to you?” he said, turning her chin in his direction.

Her nod was slow but sure.

“Now then, I’m just getting to the good part. This is where the girl’s cheeks turn beet red.”

“Why do you love to embarrass me?”

“Because for some reason, humiliation makes your pussy wet, and the scent of your dripping kitty makes my cock hard as stone—which then brings on the overwhelming desire to mount and fuck your naughty ass,” he said nonchalantly while repositioning the bulge in his crotch. “But the next time I put my cock into you, it won’t be inside your ass, it will be driving into that hot virginal cunt of yours. And just so you know, I have no intention of being gentle.”

Though she tried not to appear anxious in front of him, it was difficult to hide her emotions when his nostrils flared. There was no doubt the wolf in him could smell her fear, desire—or a combination of both.

Taking a slow inhale of air through his nose, he reclined into the padded seat. “Now, don’t you think Little Red Riding Hood could’ve used some deep penetrating lessons from the wolf in this story?”

Her mind whirled at the idea of his large girth stretching her tight sheath, and she instantly thought of a few amusing retorts that could have been hurled his way. But as she began to open her mouth, he stopped her short.

“Before you answer, here’s a proposal that should give you heavenly dreams tonight. If you stay in this bed all night and keep your responses polite, I’ll lap up the sweet cream that’s currently forming in between your legs as a reward. Now then, do you think you’d enjoy a solid licking from your daddy, or would my bad girl rather test her new boundaries and throw me a mouthy retort?”

She swallowed a major-sized lump in her throat in order to speak. “I’m speechless.”



She didn't obey the FBI's rules. Now she'll have to obey his.

When twenty-four-year-old FBI agent Mia Gates is tasked with a high-stakes interrogation of a mafia boss, she finds herself working under the authority of Brendan Norris, an old-fashioned cop who makes it clear she'll do things his way or she'll do her questioning with a sore backside.

Mia's freewheeling style clashes with her ruggedly handsome partner's by-the-books approach, and she soon ends up with her nose in the corner, her cheeks blushing, and her well-punished bottom sore inside and out. Despite her humiliation, however, Brendan's firm-handed dominance arouses her deeply and it isn't long before she is begging to be claimed hard and thoroughly.

Her need for him grows stronger every day, but when the investigation puts her life at risk Mia sees a side of Brendan that she hadn't before. As he takes it upon himself to keep her safe, she begins to realize there is something different about him. Something wild, feral, and untamed...



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