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Hi and welcome to Saturday Spanks! This week I'm giving you a taste of my latest release, Trained By Her Daddy, and here's the blurb to get you in the mood!

She never thought spending a week with a Daddy Dom would turn her life upside down ...


The same year twenty-four-year-old Lori Gold’s fifth grisly murder mystery novel made it to the New York Times bestseller list, she decided to write a series of books in the Daddy Dom/little girl romance category. After all, she was once involved in a risqué relationship, so what could be so difficult for the Queen of Crime to write sexy stories?


Unfortunately, Lori’s publisher Jake Wolk felt her novels were just too sweet for his readers who expected nothing less than sizzling scenes. Even though he was knowledgeable in the D/s lifestyle, it would be unprofessional for him to teach her about the steamy world of BDSM. But his father John proposes a solution. John is a real-life Daddy Dom, and he offers to train Lori in his home for a week—so she could write realistically from first-hand experience.

Sparks fly between them in more ways than one, and Lori’s eyes are opened to a way of life she never really understood. Naturally, it didn’t take long for her to realize why she’d been drawn to write this type of unconventional fiction.

And now for a quick tease:

“In this house your Daddy will lovingly bathe you every night,” he advised, rinsing the lather out of my blonde shoulder-length hair. “If you behave yourself, I will make sure you have a special treat before bed… but if you’re naughty, your bare backside will receive a good tannin’.”

“Fuck. Are there consequences for everything in this house?” 

“You’re about to find out. Stand up, turn around, and hold onto the railing, little one.”

“Shit. I didn’t mean it,” I said, cupping my mouth. “It just slipped out.” 

“You were warned about that type of language. Now, up you go.” 

With his assistance, I pulled myself out of the water and held on tight to the ceramic bar, waiting for his large hand to land on my warm, wet ass. But when I heard something jingle, my curiosity got the best of me. And after I turned around, the noisy inhale that came from my throat was loud and dramatic.

“I always keep my promises,” he declared, pulling the brown leather from the loops of his pants.



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Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!  Have a great week! ~ Shelly


  1. Yikes! Trained by a Daddy Dom for a week. I'm assuming he doesn't have a Little a the moment. How will this interaction change her and how will it end? Will she simply go on after a week, or is this going to turn into a romantic long term relationship. I'm intrigued, Shelly, and want to know more.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! He was alone when they met - and it does change her! I'm so glad you want to know more! :)

  2. This will be an interesting week! And it was a great snippet. I think I'll need to read more.

    1. Thanks for stopping by PK! Glad you liked the snippet! :)


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